School Profile/History


Below is a detailed history of Katheka Boys Boarding School



School History and Current situation Analysis


ST. THOMAS AQUINAS KATHEKA Boys Sec. School was started back in 1974 as Harambee Sec. School to assist the local children who could not get places to Provincial and National Schools or Access education. The school is sponsored by the Catholic Church. The school is situated in Eastern province, Kitui County (Kitui West District), Mutonguni division, Kauwi Zone.

In 1994, all the girls were phased out and it became purely Boys school. A second stream was started in 1996 and the enrollment continued to increase posing challenges to all existing facilities. In 2008, a third stream was started. Today the school is a fully pledged provincial school with a population of 480 students, 14 teachers and 17 support staff.

The school has 5 dormitories, 11 classrooms, 2 labs, a computer room, a library, 4 staff houses, 1 kitchen, and a multipurpose hall among other facilities. The school is registered by the Ministry of education via certificate no. GP/A/6022/09.


NAME                     YEAR

MR. KEEGAN             1974-1977

MR.J. NDANA            1978-1980

MR. J.M NDELE         1981-1983

MR. G.K MATI           1984-1998

MR. F.W MUNYALO  1999-2003

MR J.M WAIHURA     2004-2007

MR. J.W MUNYOKI    2008-2009

MR. J.M KAMUTI        2010 UPTO DATE 




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